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A design and innovation challenge sponsored by the Department of Health & Human Services.

An Easier Bill to Understand


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Amy Henty    

Arwen Varner-Howland

Dan Coulter

Gareth Jones

Jon Harris

Riley Huston

Stephanie Huston

Taliessin Schuszler

Our main goal was to provide guidance and clarification on how medical billing and insurance work, so people can make informed decisions and effectively utilize their insurance and health care services.

To achieve this goal, we began by sharing our own personal complaints about medical billing and insurance.  

"What is an explanation of benefits, anyway?  What are you supposed to do with it?"

We found that the research documents provided also echoed our sentiments.  For many, it’s extremely difficult to pick the right insurance plan for their needs, identity any costly insurance errors, and decide on the best time to have elective treatments (factoring in deductible and max out-of-pocket status).

We chose to work within the existing system, hoping that our designs could be impactful in the near future. We assessed opportunities for the medical bill (Bill) and explanation of benefits (EOB) including adding a more broad and comprehensive look into the subscribers EOB. 

Our design process  |  Understand ⟶ Create  ⟶ Validate  ⟶ Repeat


The Design Solution

These designs for the Bill and EOB aim to take a complex system and make it understandable. We wanted the documents to be clear so people felt engaged and in control of their decisions rather than feeling confused and helpless. A big motivator to improve understanding was the many stories of avoidable and unnecessary poor financial outcomes due to uninformed insurance decisions. We wanted to convert questions into insights so that people can better plan treatment, understand and plan for costs, and pick coverage appropriate to their needs.

Journey Map

This journey map improves upon the existing process regarding medical documents. It illustrates the users' feelings during and around their touchpoints with our Medical Bill and EOB.